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Church administration describes the different duties in the church, and identifies reliable and able men and women to oversee or carry out those tasks. This is a spiritual service similar to any other program in the local church. With the 21st Century church there are more responsibilities and programs than before which are in most cases necessary to the Body of Christ. Therefore, the administration of the church requires wisdom because it involves judicious stewardship of God’s resources for the accomplishment of His work in the local church.

We could consider Church administration as the management of resources and people concerning the organization of ministry; non-spiritual activities, finances; and other important functions such as appointment of persons for positions in the church.

Administration is an integral part of the ministry as was recognized by Paul in his recourse on the diversities of gifts in the church [I Corinthians 12]. See also Acts 6.

From the spiritual perspective, church work should be administered by spiritually qualified persons. However, despite how spiritually equipped the church may be, we will need secular persons who can deliver functions which the church is incapable of doing

BA in

Church Administration


30 credits


February 2020

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