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STC has a wide array of programs comprising of certificates and degrees in a variety of subjects. We are  concerned about those persons who are called into ministry and who are serious about developing intimacy with the Lord and to extend their knowledge of the Word,  Each student must produce evidence that he or she is interested in ministry and wants to move forward by attending STC. The reason is that our main purpose is to build the Kingdom of God by reaching the world for Christ. Consequently, all the courses at STC  are particularly available to those who are interested in sharpening their knowledge of the Word through practical Christian teachings. 

Students are responsible for purchasing required study texts and materials where indicated. It is our desire and aim to help the student achieve his or her goal and to aspire to great things in the Kingdom of God.

It is our hope that you have been called into ministry by God and your response in enrolling at STC is to fulfill His purpose.

Please take some time to review the course information presented before you, and prayerfully make your selection with the leading of the Holy Spirit.  If you need further assistance, please call us at 678 964-4096  770 347-8320 leave a brief message, telephone number and the best time to reach you. You may also email us.

Non-Degree Programs

These programs are specifically selected and designed for those persons who desire to develop skills for better communication and interpersonal relationships. The programs are arranged in a “nut-shell” whereby participants do not have to spend more than a half a day in sessions.

There is no excessive reading for preparation.

The aim is to help participants develop acute awareness of themselves, and understand the effect of their behaviour on their environment.


Have a blessed day.

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